Play Quintgel with a Joystick

Nostalgic for the coin-op arcade games and home game consoles? Recreate the feeling with Quintgel using a Bluetooth joystick or arcade console controller.

Quintgel (as of version 1.2, iOS only) is compatible with many popular Bluetooth joystick/arcade controllers. If you already own an iCade controller, you can see the button mappings here. If not and you want to get one, here are a couple of our favorites:

The ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

ION iCade Arcade Cabinet

The ION iCade gives you the full feeling of an arcade cabinet.

Get it at:


The iCade 8-Bitty

iCade 8-Bitty

The iCade 8-bitty gives you a retro hand held directional controller like many home console systems.

Get it at:


Game Controls / Button Mappings

On all iCade compatible controllers, use joystick or directional pad to steer the current puzzle piece left or right. Press down to speed drop. Press up to Veto the current gels.

The button mappings for rotating the game piece and pausing the game are shown below for the two recommended iCade products:

Button mappings for the ION iCade Cabinet
Button mappings for the 8-Bitty