Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Quint-what?

Quintgel! It's a game piece made of 5 squishy gels (get it, QUINT? 5? okay, moving on.)

Q: Any insider tricks I should know about?

More vetoes! When you grab extra vetoes, they're automatically added to EVERY level. Vetoes make it so-o-o-o much easier to rack up those points. Click on the "Extras" link on your main screen and then click "Store" to choose how many you want. Incidentally, as of version 2.0.1, they're free!

Q: Hey, if it's really like an arcade game, shouldn't it have a joystick?

Yes, yes, yes! Quintgel (v1.2 for iOS) works with many of the popular Bluetooth joystick controllers. Check out our joystick page for recommended "iCade" devices and button mappings.

Q: I love it! Is there more?

Why, yes! We have another game on the app store called Space Carom, which is also an homage to the 80's arcade classics. It's an action game and loads of fun, if we do say so ourselves. And on a more random note, if you happen to be a golfer, check out our handicap app called GolfCap. It's a personal handicap caddy you take with you out onto the golf course.

Other questions

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