Falling gummy gels have never been this fun!

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Quintgel is a strategic puzzle game of falling gels. Gels-of-five drop onto your gameboard as you rush to puzzle them together before they hit bottom (this makes it much more challenging than falling pieces of, oh, say, 4). Complete one or more lines at a time to burst the gels and score. If you let the gels pile up to the top, it's game over.

Strategy earns you loads of points! Plan ahead up to 5 moves, "veto" one piece in each level if you can't fit it in, or pick up more vetoes in the store if you want to really up that score. There are plenty of ways to rack up bonus points, like clearing multiple lines at once, leaving fewer pieces behind when you clear a level, and bursting the bonus rainbow gels, to name a few.

You can also challenge your friends to a game over Bluetooth!

It's super easy to get started, since we snuck in some 3-gel pieces in the earlier levels to make puzzling the gels together a breeze. Give it a try and see!

Features include:

For more details, check out the How To Play guide.

Screen shots:

Game in standard right handed mode Two player game Game in left handed mode Game with customized buttons Title screen